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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A thought for Tuesday

This quote truly spoke to me.  How often are we afraid to speak our true feelings because

 1)  We are afraid that people will not like our real thoughts

 2)  We want to be accepted and we think that the the only way to be  accepted is to agree with what everyone else is saying 

 3)  We do not want to hurt someone else

 4)  It is easier to just go with the flow than take another path

The only person that we are truly hurting is ourself if we can not truly say how we feel/ who we are,  we should not be afraid to voice our own opinions...

Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday's Musing - Christmas Traditions - Part 3

I hope that everyone had a very wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  Can you believe that it is December already?

Are you ready for the Christmas Holidays?  I do not know about you but having a late November Thanksgiving really puts a strain on my "to do" list since it was a week later this year.

This means one less week to decorate, shop, bake, send out Christmas cards...*yikes*  I am getting stressed just thinking about it!

In my home - Mrs. Claus (that would be me!) does the majority of the shopping, wrapping, shipping, baking and planning the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals.  Mr. Claus is responsible for the outdoors decorations...*hmmmmm*  what is wrong with this picture?  Actually - if Mr. Claus did any baking or cooking we probably would not want to eat the food...sorry Mr. Claus but the truth hurts!

Several years ago I found a website that has really made a difference in how I view my "to do" list.

This great website has a Holiday journal that allows you to organize yourself in such a way that you too can experience less stress in your life!

The Flylady encourages you to wrap your Christmas gifts as soon as you purchase them.  Before Flylady I would wait until Christmas Eve to wrap my along with all the cooking and baking I was having major stress-out with worrying about finding time to wrap gifts.  Thank you Flylady for hllping me see the light!

Also - Flylady suggest that you do everything that you can ahead of time so you will not have as much to do at the last minute.

True story here - one Thanksgiving I did just that.  I had the majority of the meal prepared, the table set, the serving dishes out as well as all the serving utensils.  I was sooooo ahead of the game.  Later that night - I fell and broke my arm.  I found myself in the emergency room early on Thanksgiving Day.  If it had not been for Flylady's great suggestions - we may not have enjoyed Thanksgiving that day!

So with thoughts of having a stress free Christmas Holiday I have already prepared my dressing and sweet potato casserole and they are placed in the freezer.  All I will need to do is pull them out and place them in the over.

I am also planning to prepare some cookie dough later tonight and freeze for baking later in the month.

Do yourself a favor and check out Flylady's website.  I think you too will see how to enjoy this Holiday season without so much stress!