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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thoughts on 2012

Well hello there Blog!

Did you think that I forgot about you?  Well - I didn't but I must admit that I am finding that this particular blog is difficult to write.

I want to say goodbye - once and for all to 2011.  It just was a difficult year - that is all there is to it!  As you probably noticed I have been posting a lot of motivational and inspirational quotes each day.  To be quite frank here I posted those to keep my spirits up!

You see - in February 2011, my company announced a major reorganization.  Many of us did not know exactly what that would mean to us but we knew without a doubt that it would touch us in some form or fashion.  AND...touch us it did.  It took months...and I mean months for us to know our fate.  Some found out that they would be losing their jobs and some would be staying at a company that was going to be greatly restructured.

I had to do everything in my power to prepare for the worse.  I had to work to keep my spirits high and keep a positive attitude - hence the many...many inspirational postings each day.

Now - with that said I came to really enjoy those daily postings so I think that I will continue to post them.  They truly start my day in a positive mode so maybe they will do the same for you!

In closing - 2012 is an opportunity for a fresh start, a clean slate.  An opportunity to do something different and hopefully better!

Here is wishing you a blessed and successful 2012.

Coming soon - my take on Goals versus Resolutions!

Until we meet again...

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