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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A couple of blogs that inspire me

I consider myself a rookie when it comes to blogging.  I have only been blogging for a little over a year but I have been reading and enjoying blogs for much longer than that.  

Some people require coffee first thing in the morning but not me…give me my daily dose of blogs.  I have a bit of a routine now.  I usually remove myself from my nice warm bed around 5’ish each morning and head straight for my laptop to catch up on some light blog reading.  What can I say but “be still my lil blogging heart”  I would be lost without my daily required reading material.

Since my blog has been geared lately toward inspirational and encouraging words I felt that it was only fair to share with you some of the blogs that I find inspirational.  I am only going to list two here because I assure you once you feast your eyes upon these  bloggers – you too will be hooked on their daily words of life.

First I would like to introduce to you Kendall Boggs.  She calls herself a “blog-a-holic”.  She too is a southernbelle whose words seem to reach out from the screen and touch your heart.  She writes about the wonderful things in her life and also the not so wonderful things.  She is not afraid to put it all out there.    As I said – all you need to do is read her blog and you will see how she can touch your soul.    In addition to a wonderful blogger – she is an incredible artist.  Matter of fact – she is having a Giveaway on her blog right now.  Run – do not walk to check out her blog!  She is a wonderful inspiration and full of grace and charm!

Now – let’s talk about a another blog that just perks me right up.  I LOVE this blog and the BONUS is that this blogger lives here in Dallas.  Now let me say – I have lived in the Dallas area for many years and I am learning so much about Dallas that I didn’t know thanks to this blog.  I must admit…I live vicariously through this writer’s words.  She is so honest and so talented that  I find myself reading her blog before reading any others.   This blog has even inspired me to join a Book Club! Let me tell you – the girls in this group know how to conduct a Book Club.  It is like an adventure each and every month.  I have also found myself reading the same books that they read each month!  This  blog is a MUST read on your blog list.  Trust me – you will be so happy to find this blog! Enjoy all that Dallas has to offer through her eyes and her words!  I think that you too will find this blogger is charming, engaging and just embraces life!

Happy reading!

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