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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - A year in review

You know - when I started to think about 2012 - I thought it was a rather quiet and uneventful year until -

I started looking back at pictures and realized that it was indeed quite an eventful year.

Professionally speaking - the year started with a new team with a new team manager.  We started the year with less people on our team (downsizing) and with a lot of concern about what the year would bring.  I am happy to say that while it has been challenging (and so very difficult to say goodbye to many co-workers that I have known and worked with for years) it was a year that I am glad that I have had the opportunity to experience.

Each year as I prepare my goals for the new year - I always include the "travel" goal as a high priority goal.  At first - I thought that I had failed this miserably until I realized that indeed I had managed to work some travel into my life.

In March I was lucky enough to visit the Bay Area on business.

In April - I had the privilege of traveling to New Orleans with my oldest son to celebrate his birthday.

In September I once again visited my oldest son but this time it included a trip to Denver.  During this trip my son introduced me to Poudre Canyon.  If you have the chance to visit - please do - you will love it!

In October it was a trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a family wedding...congratulations Jennifer and Charlie.  As always when in T-town...I have to take tons of pictures of the University of Alabama campus that means so much to me...

In November I had an opportunity to travel to the Greater Boston area.  Now for those that know me realize that another one of my goals or items on my bucket list is to visit all 50 states.  Massachusetts is one state that I had not visited yet so I can now mark that one off as well as two other states - New Hampshire and Maine.  While in the Northeast I had the honor of seeing Harvard and MIT...what a thrill!

Now - enough for traveling - let's talk about other events of the year.

In April I had the opportunity to attend an Alabama Alumni event in Dallas that included Nick Saban as the guest speaker...

September was also a very busy sporting month.  It included a Dallas Cowboy game, a Texas Ranger baseball game but most importantly - I had the change to watch Alabama play (and soundly defeat) Michigan at Cowboy Stadium.  Let me tell you - I have to be a huge BAMA fan to handle the 100 degree weather that day!

Now - this year has offered a bit more than travel and sports.  I have also been able to mark a couple of more items off my bucket list.

I had the opportunity to see a show that is headed to Broadway.  Jerkyll and Hyde starring Constantine.  Now all you American Idol fans will recognize Constantine!

I also finally...after many years was able to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in concert.  OH.MY.GOODNESS...what a treat this was!  If you have the opportunity to see them do not walk to the ticket office!!!!

Last but least - it was a White in Texas!!!

Thank you 2012 - you have been a very good year!

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