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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today would have been my mom's 89th birthday.  She was an incredible mother and loved both of her children with all of her heart and soul.

She became a single mother when she was only 43 when my father died suddenly without warning.  I look back today and I am amazed at how she handled her widowhood plus being both a mother and father to two young children.

If I could only have one more chance to talk to her...I would make every minute count and let her know what a remarkable woman I thought she was.  I would tell her one more time "I love you"
The following words from Marie Lawrence says it all:

You were caring and compassionate.

You were understanding and accepting.

You were inspiring and supportive.

You were selfless and giving.

You were brave and courageous.

You were warm and loving.

You were decisive and action-oriented.

You were calm and confident.

You were strong yet gentle.

You were our pillar of strength.
Happy Birthday Mom!  I miss you so very much.

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