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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day - 2014

First of all - Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommies out there.  It is a very special club that we are allowed to be a part of.  A wonderful opportunity to hold a small little one in our arms, to nourish, to guide, to love, to support and then prepare them to spread their wings and fly!  Oh and how difficult it is to allow them to take that first step to their independence!

As many mother's out there in this world we call blogging - many of us have an opportunity and go out to lunch!  Hallelujah - no cooking today!

I selected a trip to my favorite Mexican Restaurant today and boy was it *yummy*.  But - something happened to me today that sent me down the path to writing this blog.

Today there was an elderly woman sitting all by herself at the table next to ours.  My first thought that her dining partner had walked away for a minute or so but when the wait staff delivered her food - it became quite evident that she was dining alone.  I found it so sad and yes so very lonely that a woman would be dining by herself on a day devoted to Mothers.  Of course - there may be several reasons for her dining alone today however it just broke my heart to see a woman dining along on what I consider a day devoted to women.  I have been thinking about this all day and really can not wrap my mind about that.  I just wanted to reach out to her - give her a hug and ask her to join us.

And then I could not help but think that maybe it was her choice to be alone today and not the fact that she had no one to share her Mother's Day with.

I think that this site impacted so very much today because it reminds me of the many years that I was hundreds of miles away from my own mother on Mother's Day.  Hundreds of miles away but so very close to her in my heart.

My greatest gift though was the fact that I did spend the last Mother's Day with my mom before she departed this earth.  

May all you have the opportunity to share this day with your mother...if not in person - in your heart!

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