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Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st

Today is the first day of November!  Many folks look at it as just another day but not me!

I absolutely love this time of year.  The weather here is Texas is finally getting a bit cooler and the leaves finally begin to release their glorious fall colors.

While our fall colors are not as early or as vibrant as other parts of the country - we do at least get a small taste of Fall in Texas.

I remember as a little girl growing up in Alabama my dad would rake up the many (and I mean many) fallen leaves from the maple trees in our yard.  The neighborhood kids and I could not wait for Dad to finish the task of leave gathering so we could jump in that pile of leaves!  He would always give me that "look" of frustration when we messed up his pile of leaves...but I know deep down inside he enjoyed seeing us having so much fun...and it didn't cost him a penny...well except for the time spent re-raking the leaves again!  What a wonderful fall memory.

Later when I reached adulthood and I moved away from Texas - I realized that everyplace that I might live might have such wonderful fall colors.   That first Fall in Houston - I was so disappointed to not have that true "Fall Experience"

Now over the years with relocations - I now once again have "some" fall color experiences but nothing like what it was in my memory bank.  Aren't memories wonderful?

So today - as I welcome November 1st...with a chill in the air...I embrace all that is Fall, 2014.

Happy November 1st y'all!

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