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Monday, January 12, 2015

Goals versus Resolutions - 2015

For some reason - I have put off committing my 2015 goals.  I always have my written list of goals each year but for some reason - this year has been tough!

You see - I do not believe in resolutions - resolutions just seem to likely to be ignored but goals?  Goals once committed to writing...well they take on a life of their own.

Several years ago - someone told me that you should have at least one goal for year of your age.  This is fine if you are 10 or 15 years of age...but as you get older - that list can get VERY long!

Another thing about a goal - I always strive to have "smart" goals.  I want to make sure that they are goals that I can achieve and measure.  I usually do pretty good about checking in with my goals each year and I want to make sure that I do the same this year.  One should not have too many or too few.  Each goal should be easy enough to achieve but a challenge none the less to work toward.

So with that in mind - I will devote each day  this week to a different goal on my list.  I will devote one day to travel, one day to health, one day to finances and one day to career goals.

By writing down one goal each day - I will make myself responsible for my goals this years!

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