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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday's Thought of the Day (or saying goodbye to Monday in the rearview mirror)

Well hello everyone!

Am I the only one that is so thankful that Monday is in the rear view mirror for now?  It was a kinda a "meh" Monday.  I have had much better for sure!  Raise your hand if you too had one of those kind of days!

As for today, I have decided that I want to filter out all negativity and concentrate on only positive things!

To start my day out on the right foot today, I baked my favorite cinnamon chip muffins last night

(source unknown)

 and will plan on having a steaming cup of coffee in colorful and happy coffee cup:

(source unknown)

And while enjoying the deliciousness of the cinnamon muffin and coffee - I am going to ponder what I can do to ensure that my Tuesday is so much better than Monday....I think I have it...a word of the day!

I am going to think positive today!

 (source unknown)

 (source unknown)

Care to join me in a touch of positive attitude today?

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