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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where did March Go?

I have been so very bad.  This is my first post during this entire month.  Shame on me!

It has been such a crazy...crazy month.

March 1st - 4th saw me in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I FINALLY MADE IT TO WHISTLER!!!!  Mark that off my bucket list!!!  It was soooo cold there and I had to actually buy a pair of boots.  You have to wonder what the mark-up is on winter boots in the "ONE AND ONLY WHISTLER"?  I know that I overpaid for those boots but gosh - my feet were getting wet and cold!  It was snowing on the ride up to Whistler but the scenery was just breathtaking!  I sorta got to see Shannon Falls.  I will be going back in the near future to finish up my project there so I plan to see more of this wonderful area.

The week after I arrived back home - I had ITIL training.  Talk about brutal and painful!  It was without a doubt the most difficult class that I have ever taken.  I still do not know if I passed or not.  I sure hope I did!

I also was named Employee of the Month and I have a VERY special parking space.  It is the closest parking space in the garage to the building  BONUS.

I also reached one of my professional goals this month too!

You know - my mother always made March such a special month for me.  She always made my birthday so very special.  I know that she and my dad were both looking down at me and remembering that day when I was born. 

Jimmy finishes up the Ski season in Steamboat in a couple of weeks and then he is going to Europe with some of his friends.  I am looking forward to visiting him in Steamboat when he returns from Europe.

Chris pledged a fraternity at Bama.  I am really glad that he did because being a transfer student and living off campus does not provide many opportunities to meet others.  When you begin your collegiate career as a freshman at Bama - you are required to live in a dorm.  That is a great way to meet people.

Well - until we meet again folks...have a wonderful day and hope that your month has been blessed!

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