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Friday, August 10, 2012

Places that Inspire

Do you ever watch the Travel Channel?  I do and I travel vicariously through the many shows that they share with us.  A pro of traveling with the Travel Channel?  I can visit places that I always wanted to go without hurting my wallet!  A con of traveling with the Travel Channel?    I can only travel to these places via the show.

Several years ago I saw a show on Bodega, CA.  So while visiting Northern California (one of my very favorite places for inspiration) I found myself reading a local travel magazine in my hotel room and realized that I was only 12 miles from Bodega…BONUS!   I just had to go and after sweet talking my son – he was on board too.   Well maybe not as excited to be taking a drive to someplace that he had never wanted to visit – but I promised him food!  That worked!

The goal was to reach Bodega Bay around sunset in order to see the beautiful sunset.  Let’s just say that my imagination will have to suffice on that sunset.  I just did not quite calculate the travel time to get to the shoreline (those 2 lane roads just do not allow fast travel). 

 BUT even so – seeing this quaint little town at night had me longing to see it in daylight.  So the next day  -once again – with bribery of fresh seafood – my son was on-board.    


The town of Bodega is best known for a little movie – you may have heard of it?  “The Birds”  We drove right by the church that was featured in the movie. 

 Bodega is a rustic unincorporated area just north of San Francisco.  If you keep driving west you will reach Highway 1 which is where you want to turn toward the north.  Be still my heart. 

You know those images of the fishing villages?  The ones with mist gently floating over the water where you can see the tips of the boats peaking out of the mist as the boats gently rock in the gentle swell of the ocean?  Well – that is Bodega Bay in real life. Imagine the sea gulls swooping down from the sky singing the song that sea gulls sing.  Deeply inhale that fragrance that belongs to the ocean.  The gentle lull of the ocean as it dances with the shore.  Do you feel the stress pouring out of you body? 

There were some very nice resorts along the way and of course the ever present restaurant but we decided to be adventuresome and stop at what had to be a place for locals.  You know the kind of place where you walk in and everyone turns and looks at you?   The kind of place that you feel like you are intruding?   You know if the locals go there to eat that it has to be good.   My son LOVED the fresh fish and still talks about it to this day.  I only wish that I had the name of the establishment  to share BUT if you ever drive up Highway 1 toward Bodega Bay – look for a little fish shack and take a chance.  

Be adventurous and take a chance on being inspired by the beauty of what the journey offers you.

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