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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today's Inspiration


I have so many books that I am running out of bookshelf space!

That is one of the reasons that I decided to purchase a Kindle

The Kindle is so much lighter to carry than a paperback book and takes us less room in my purse as well.

The Kindle was my very new best friend until *gasp* the screen cracked and I no longer had a Kindle to use (of course this happened while out-of-town).  I decided when I purchased my Kindle to not get the extended warranty so therefore I was either going to have to return to carrying books around with me or buy a new Kindle.

THEN - I had a light bulb moment.

Enter one smart phone...

I love my Nokia Lumia 900 smart phone and it was sooooo easy to download the free Amazon Kindle app from the marketplace.  This means that I have now turned my phone into more than a is now my latest e-reader - BONUS!

Now - I do not know about you but I love being able to go to Amazon.Com and find the next book that I want to read. 

Just think - it saves time (no need to drive to the local bookstore), saves gas (no more driving) and my selections can be delivered immediately!  Instant gratification!  Amazon for Kindle is almost too easy to use because I can order any book that I want and have it fast.  This could easily become very expensive if I am not careful.

And in the nick of time - I discovered an on-line daily free Kindle book offerings at Pixel of Ink. While I still have my favorite authors that I will continue to purchase from I have discovered many more authors that I probably would not have read if not for Pixel.

Since I discovered this site I have received probably close to 50 free Kindle books. 

I now have easy access to my reading material as well as more room in my purse!

Thank you for coming to my rescue - Nokia Lumia 900!

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