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Friday, September 26, 2014

Flashback Friday

As I was walking  the "diva" dog...I heard the lyrical serenade of the South...Katydids and
as I listened to their melodic chorus - it took me back to the days that I grew up in Alabama.

As a kid...I remember wondering the yard looking for lightening bugs...capturing them in a mason jar (with holes in the top so they could breath).  How little it took for us to be entertained during those summer evenings!

Then before we knew it the summer days made way to the glorious fall colors.  We would rake up the many red and gold maple leaves that fell in our yard...and how much fun we had jumping into those piles of leaves that we just raked!

Another fond memory of the South - Golden Flake Potato Chips!  Have you ever eaten a Golden Flake potato chip?  If not - you really can thank me later!

Such wonderful memories of a far simpler life...

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