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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday's Travels

Hello everyone and welcome to my little world of travel.

I love to travel and thanks to my job - I do get to travel to some exciting places.  I even managed to get a few non-business trips as well.

Please sit back and enjoy my summer travels!

June, 2014 took me to two different wonderful U.S. cities:

First...let's pack our backs for sunny Southern California...or to be more specific...let's go to San Diego!  I love San Diego - the beautiful mountains, the moderate temperatures and so many wonderful restaurants.  I really must do a Tuesday Travel on the restaurants I have enjoyed in my travels!

Let's return home for the weekend - do some much needed laundry, pack our bags and head out to Boston!  

Now - if you are a history buff...which I am....Boston is full of incredible history.  One must really take a trip to see Paul Revere's home..

August once again had me packing my bags but this time - it was an international trip...I just love getting stamps on my passport!  Unfortunately I am far from having a full passport.

The first trip of August took me to the always beautiful Manaus, Brazil.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  Brazil has some of the most gracious, kind, and unselfish people I have ever met.  Their hospitality is top notch!

 The architecture is breathtaking!
 I actually stayed in this hotel on my first trip to Manaus!

The day after I returned from Manaus - I packed my bags once again for another short trip...this time to Atlanta.

I drove right by this infamous restaurant in Atlanta but didn't have time to stop!  SO SAD!

I must say - while I do enjoy is so good to be home!

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