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Friday, May 31, 2013

Saturday's Journey to find Peace

We all need a special "go to" place where we can kick off our shoes, grab a glass of wine and a good book to just curl up with.

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This special place needs to allow us the opportunity to forget all of life's little problems and just let us focus on total relaxation.

I have found such spot and it is perfect for me...but before I get there...let me tell you how I found it...or should I say - how it found me?

One February I found myself headed to San Francisco for business and as San Francisco so often is - every hotel that I wanted to stay in was booked.  The company's travel agent found a small quaint hotel in Half Moon Bay.  Well - let me tell you - I had never heard of Half Moon Bay but it did offer a roof over my head and a bed to sleep ii n so I said "yes" to the hotel.

Little did I know that Half Moon Bay was my destiny.  I had not a clue where the directions were taking me but I knew I was driving west through the winding mountain roads between the hustle of San Francisco - and the Pacific Ocean.

When I arrived at my destination I was overwhelmed by the peacefulness of this sleepy and charming little town on the Pacific.  Little did I know just how special it would become to me.

On the day that I was due to leave the Bay Area - I left early enough to take the scenic route to the airport - north up Hwy 101.  Since I had plenty of time I decided to visit the beach.  It was a cool Saturday morning and the beach was completely deserted.  The waves were crashing against the shore and there was a bit of fog seen in the distant.  It was nothing short of breathtaking.  With each mile of my journey northward I couldn't help but feel at total peace with my life.  The glorious scenery along this path - with the waves of the Pacific Ocean reaching out to meet the rocky shores of the beach would remain with me forever. 

Source - Pat's mobile phone
Source - Pat's Mobile phone

Source - Pat's Mobile Phone

While one could say that it was the Travel Agent that introduced me to this peaceful place - I like to think that it was destiny that brought me here and a quest to find that peacefulness that brings me back time and time again.

I highly recommend that you add Half Moon Bay to your list of places to visit/see.  I don't think that you will find a more peaceful and relaxing place!

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