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Monday, December 27, 2010

Being Southern

I was born in the deep South - Alabama to be exact.  I grew up saying y'all and yes ma'am and no ma'am.

As a little girl I loved catching lightening bugs during the early summer evenng, raking the beautiful fall leaves and jumping in a pile of them once they were raked up.  I remember walking to the movies during the summer with my six Royal Cola bottle tops (we could get in free on Thursdays with just 6 caps) and going to the neighborhood park to play games with other neighborhood kids.  I loved when my parents would make homemade ice cream *yummy*

Now looking back as an adult no longer living in Alabama I realize how much I miss the South.  I miss the Southern hospitiality - the small little things that go into what the South is all about.  I miss slow paced attitude, the food, the smells, people caring for other people and a thousand other things - cheese straws, sweet tea, *sigh*  and the list could go on and on.

There are so many good memories of Alabama but there are also some very sad memories.

They say that you can never go home again and perhaps it is true.  The memories shall carry me through.

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