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Friday, December 31, 2010

Saying Goodbye to 2010

The remaining hours of 2010 are quickly winding down and 2011 is almost upon us.

As I reflect upon 2010 I realize it has been much like a fine bottle of wine - a very good year!

The first couple of months were devoted to recuperating from foot surgery in December, 2009.  This surgery was a result of a nasty fall while on business travel in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2009 also saw Chris - my youngest - graduating from Northwest Shoals Community College (where he played basketball and baseball) and then receiving notification of his acceptance at Bama - his dream college!

I also had the opportunity to finally see Chris play some college basketball.  On February 22nd - Sophomore Night at NWSCC -  was the first and last collegiate basketball ball game I had the privilege of watching Chris play in.  It was important to me to be able to walk out on the court when he was presented that evening.  This was quite an accomplishment for me because it was also the first time I wore shoes on my left  foot after surgery.  I was one determined person - let me tell you!

In June of 2010 we once again gathered in Tuscaloosa to share the love and commitment of my niece Anna Smith as she married Whit Whitfield.  Let me tell you - it was a whirlwind of parties from the moment we arrived to the time I flew back on Sunday.  Whit is such a wonderful young man and so perfect for Anna.  They are so much in love and  I know that they have the most incredible life together. The wedding - well all that I can say it that it was perfect!  Kudos to Anna's and her mother - Beth for the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!

In September,  2010,  I had the honor of traveling with my oldest son - Jimmy to California.  We began our travels in San Francisco and then drove to Yosemite.  To watch the amazement in Jimmy's eyes as he saw the beauty of this remarkable part of the country.  After exploring Yosemite for two days we the drove to Wine Country.   We had a great time exploring some of our favorite wineries and of course purchasing some of the fine wines along the way.  We spent some time at Beaulieu Winery (Tapestry and George del Latour are my favorities) as well as Cakebread (a wonderful Chardonnay) and a new winery - Round Pound (we loved every wine we tasted here)  I also introduced Jimmy to Dean & Deluca.  He REALLY enjoyed the food!   We ended our trip with a night in San Francisco where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner on Pier 39 before flying out to our separate destinations the next day.  I returned to DFW while Jimmy flew to Hawaii fo a couple of weeks.

Less than two weeks later I traveled to San Diego for business.  Too sad that work was so intensive that I did not have a chance to truly enjoy all the wonderful offerings of the city.  I did have the opportunity to enjoy a delighful dish at one of the local restaurants.  Can not remember the name now (should look at the receipt for the bill) but what I do remember is the appetizer that I had - fried olives.  Be still my heart!  I love green olives and being a southerner - anything fried MUST be good.  Let me tell you - lightly breaded (with a touch of parmesan cheese) and fried green olives - YUM O!.  A tasty treat for the taste buds!

Later in October was a girl's trip to Las Vegas - need I say anymore?  Good food, sleeping in and of course a slot machine or two!

We all came together in November in Tuscaloosa for Thanksgiving .  One of my greatest joys and reasons for being so thankful was having both of my sons there to share the wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner!  Thank you Susan and Beth for such a incredible meal.   It was just wonderful until the next day when Alabama forgot that they were playing football in the 2nd half and lost to Auburn.  I mean really?

Shortly after returing from Thanksgiving in Alabama it was time to pack again for another business trip - back to California but this time to San Francisco (actually Sunnyvale - Mountain View area).  Thank goodness this business trip was not as hectic as the trip to San Diego.  I actually made it back to my hotel room each night at a reasonable hour.

All in all - 2010 was a very good year but I know that 2011 will be even better.

Here is raising my glass in celebration to the best year ever!


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