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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goals or Resolutions - 2011

I can remember many a New Year's Eve where I would spend hours writing down New Year's resolutions only to have them completely forgotten within a month (okay sometimes much shorter than a month!)

Several years ago I decided that I would give up on the resolutions and write down my goals.  I also decided to write one new goal for each year according to my age.  Okay - that one has also gone by the wayside too!

BUT - I do enjoy writing down my goals.  First of all by writing them down I am committing to these goals.  Okay maybe committing is too strong of a word but I at least have a record of what I would like to accomplish during the next 12 months.  Another thing I learned about goals - they have to be realistic and achievable or else why bother?

SO - here goes some of my goals for 2011 and not in any order of importance:

1)  Get the weight off!  I know that is the #1 goal of everyone but I really...really need to get serious about this especially for my health and my self-esteem!

2)  Along with getting the weight off - I need to exercise more!  Walking the Dallas (aka Hyper-Pooch) does not necessarily count either!

3)  Finances - again one of the most often used goals/resolutions for any New Year.  I am pretty good about watching my money BUT there is always room for improvement.  I WILL pay off my credit cards this goal?  1st Quarter pay-offs.  I would like to pay off Chris car too!  Along with this is to increase my 401K contribution.  As Suze Orman says - always invest up to the percentage amount that your company meets.  Well my company will match 100% up to 8%.  This should be a no-brainer. 

4)  Travel - I am usually pretty good about this too.  I do manage to get some air travel in each year but I would like to get a bit more specific this year.  I want to travel to Europe.  This should not be too difficult - maybe a trip to Finland?  I would love to see England, Scotland and Ireland.  Oh yes - let's us not forget a trip to Alaska too.  Shouldn't one see the U.S. first before venturing to other countries?  I would also like to return to New Mexico.  There is something so very spiritual about that state...very relaxing, very calming, VERY special indeed.

5)  Okay - here is a new one and will probably be a surprise to all...I want to learn photography.   You would think that being a Pisces and supposedly being a creative person I would be good at this?  Well - only time will tell.  I will start slow and work my way up the ladder here.  I will purchase a "Photography for Dummies" book *ha* as well as a good point and shoot camera.  As much as I would like to purchase a Canon EOS Rebel - I refuse to pay all that money until I know if this is something that I am really going to enjoy.  I will finally learn how to post pics on my facebook page too!  About time...don't you think?

6)  Take a photography class at UTA...nuff said!

7)  Be a more patient, loving person.  Okay - so this is a very generic goal here BUT let's face it.  Aren't we all just a tad bit judgemental?  I could really learn to think before speaking and being a lot less judgemental.

8)  Experience professional growth in my career.   Okay - wonder how I can do this?  ~hmmm~  A definite goal for 2011

I am sure that I am forgetting many things or would like to do much more but the goal here *pardon the pun* is to make the goals achievable.  Too many goals and I may not be able to achieve...too few goals and I will not challenge myself.

AND afterall isn't that what goals really are?  To better ourselves by challenging ourselves?  To take a chance and think/do outside the box?

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