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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simply Saturday and LOVING It!

I have a confession to make.  I just bought three Christmas presents online today.  Bet you are thinking that I am crazy as you look at your calendar and think "Christmas 2010 is barely over"
Well folks -  I am notorious for waiting until November to start buying Christmas presents but decided to be better organized this year.  And want to know the bonus of this?  I found exactly what I was looking for on sale.  That is even better!  I was able to save 75% by buying this time of the year instead of the ole so "raise the prices" Holiday season.  ~patting myself on the back~  I am so proud of myself!  Next goal?  I want to wrap them as soon as they come in and place them in the "present" closet where they will remain until December, 2011.  I also need to start a Christmas 2011 journal so I can jot down what I have purchased for whom and the cost.  This way I can track what I have purchased and know what I have remaining to purchase.  It is also a greast way to track those "gift" ideas that pop up all during the year.  I am trying ...trying so hard to become better organized this year!

In the frugal column - I just paid off one of my three (3) credit cards  *whoo hoo*  One down and two to go.  Next month's goal? To pay off the 2nd card.  Thank you Dave Ramsey for your encouragment and the guts to do this.

Until next time...

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