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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Journey to knowing yourself

Several years ago a friend introduced me to Julia Cameron's book "The Artist Way".

The premise behind the book is to use is as a tool that will allow one to find that creativity within and truly find yourself.  It asks that each morning upon rising that you write out three pages - long hand of course - and let the words just flow.  It matters not what you write but rather that you write.  Some days you may write less than 3 pages and other days you may write more than three.  You just follow the flow.

I will admit that it has been years since I have participated in this writing adventure but I feel like it is time to do so again.  I have high hopes that it will unveil some inner most thoughts that will allow me to find that creativity that has been alluding me of late.  I am hoping to find great motivation in my writing.

I look forward to beginning a new journal and writing down my early morning thoughts and then maybe a few months later re-reading them.

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