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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Inspirational Board

As one who believes in goals it probably should come as no surprise that I also have an Inspiration Board.

What is an Inspiration Board you ask?  It is a board that provides something of a visual list of goals.  I imagine my inspiration board as having pictures of places I would like to visit.

It would have pictures of Alaska, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Glacier National Park, oh gosh - the list could go on and on and on.

While I have plenty of "inspirational" places I would like to travel to- let me show you a picture of my Inspiration Board:

Can you say EMPTY!!!!!  Pretty sad isn't it?  I haven't yet placed one thing on my board! 

Now this is what I would like my board to look like:

Starting an inspiration board is easy.  You just need to have the following:

A bulletin board
Push Pins
and lots of pictures of things that inspire you!

It could be a travel board, it could be a recipe board, heck - it could be a board of pictures of all the different pair of shoes you would like to buy!

Make it your own!

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