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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday's Thought - Goal Setting

I am still struggling with setting my 2014 goals.  I am really not sure why because I have always been so very faithful about doing this in the past...but this year?  I feel like I am in a fog...

I know that I really...really need to conquer what ever it is holding me back because the longer I begin each day without a goal is a lost day for me!

Many years ago I had a mentor at work (this was a formal mentor program that the company I worked for encouraged us to participate in) who opened my eyes to the importance of goal setting.

I was taking a training class and there were only 2 of us in this week long class.  The gentleman and I started having lunch together during this week.  Now I will say this is not someone who I would have normally had lunch with.  We of course knew each other but we worked in two separate divisions within the company and I thought he was a bit snobbish - he wasn't - he was just shy!.    Anyway - we were having lunch and he mentioned that he had just celebrated his 10 year anniversary with the company.  He went on to say that he woke up recently and realized that not only was he about to celebrate this milestone with the company but he was still working in the same role that he began 10 years ago.  THAT really bothered him because he didn't want to wake up after 20 years and still be doing the same thing.  That was the day that he joined the mentoring program.  While listening to him I realized how easy it would be to get so comfortable in a job that I too could easily find my self in that same situation.  I immediately went out and joined the mentoring program.  The first meeting with my new mentor was quite interesting.  His first question to me is "what do you want to be when you grow up".  That sounds like an easy question...right?  W.R.O.N.G.  I could not answer that question.  So he then challenged me to write down my goals...and to have one goal for each year of my life.  It was because of this first mentoring session that I realized how much goals could guide me in my life.  I still have that original list and I add a new goal each year!

Isn't it amazing how a "chance" lunch with someone can have such an impact on one's life?

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