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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Huntsville, Alabama - My Hometown

I am proud to tell the world that I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama which has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the United States!  Let me take you on a short tour of my hometown!  Some of the most breathtaking architecture can be found here in Huntsville with a city just oozing with history!  It is a very old and proud southern city.  She holds her head high knowing that her history makes her one of the most  distinguished southern cities in the South.

Huntsville has some incredible antebellum homes.  Each time I would drive by one of the many...many old homes I would let my imagination run wild - imagining what it would be like to live in a home so glorious!  I loved thinking about how much fun a child would have running throughout these grand homes...playing hide and seek...running up and down the stairs...

You can also find some historical churches in my home town:

 Church of the Nativity Episcopal Church which dates back before the Civil War - this church is reputed to be haunted!  I can not speak on whether this church is or isn't haunted but I have been scared there a time or two!

1st Presbyterian in downtown Huntsville.  Funny story - my girl scout troop was having a special meeting in the basement one evening...and a bat came out of nowhere...I can only imagine how funny it must have looked for a troop of girl scouts scooting around looking for a hiding place from the bat..while screaming our heads off.  The bat was probably more frightened of us than we were of them!

I can remember going to junior high football games in Goldsmith Schiffman Field.  It was a fine old stadium.  The bleachers were not the most comfortable in the world either!

Did you ever jump in the car with a group of friends and head to the drive-in theater?  

Okay - fess up....did you ever hide some people in the car so not to have to pay for everyone in the car?

There are so many wonderful memories of favorite places to eat...
 Each week after our weekly Tri-Hi-Y meeting at the downtown YMCA - all of the girls would head here to the Krystal for a quick snack!

My high school!  The Huntsville High Panthers!

SHONEYS!!!  What can I say?  Best fudge cake ever!

One of my favorite places to go on a date...nothing like a delicious orange slush and a juicy hot dog!

This throwback trip down memory lane must end with my very favorite place...Monte Sano Mountain was always my sanctuary.  It was my safe haven...if I needed a place to think...a place to rejuvenate - this mountain always called to me and I listened.  It was my place where I could find myself always!

I love my hometown...and my memories always take me home time and time again!

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