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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome home March!

I love the first day of March!  It is like a breath of fresh air to welcome March each year!

To me it speaks of the beginning of is when the hope of warmer weather and glorious longer days arrive!  There is the promise of the end of the long cold winter and the hint of the beauty that Spring brings each year!

I love March because you begin to see Spring flowers...

 Source unknown

The dogwoods begin blooming...well maybe not here in Texas but back home in Alabama!

Source Unknown

There are several Bradford Pear trees in my neighborhood that are beginning to bloom this March 1st.  Yet another gentle reminder that Spring is right around the corner!

 Source unknown

Here in Texas we begin the see the very first taste of our State flower...the Bluebonnet!

Source unknown

There is nothing more beautiful than to feast your eyes upon thhe wonders of Mother Nature as field upon field of wild bluebonnets can be found throughout the State!

Before you know it will be picnic time here...who knows...maybe next weekend we can do this?

 Source unknown

Maybe the beginning of March teases you with the hopes of watching some great basketball?

Source unknown
Whatever your March 1st will hold...may your day be full of March Blessings!

Source unknown

Welcome home March - we are so happy that you have finally arrived!

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