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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Travel Thursday - Sausalito, CA

I am a firm believer that when traveling - the traveling should be a life changing experience.  I love to find those special places that speak to me...that inspire me..that make leave me a better place than I was before I arrived.

One such place is just north across the Golden Gate Bridge - in a special artist community called Sausalito.  I had heard about this special place for years before I actually decided to check it out myself.  It is a charming, energetic community where you can easily get lost in the many art galleries, incredible restaurants, people watching or just sitting on a bench and listening to the lullaby of the water crashing against the rocks.  

Sausalito is such an eclectic town where there is something for anyone and everyone but I want to share with you today a very special hotel that has become one of my favorite places.

On one of my early trips to Sausalito I was walking around the town and turned down a small side street off the main road and much to my surprise I found a true treasure - The Inn Above Tide - a small luxury boutique hotel. I felt myself walking inside the lobby and was totally emerged in the quiet and elegant ambiance of this small boutique hotel.  I told myself when I first set eyes on it that I would be back some day to stay in this quaint and welcoming hotel.

 (source unknown)

My next trip to Northern California included that dream come true.  I was lucky enough to secure a room for a very reasonable rate (well reasonable for Northern California that is!).  My room had a panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay and included balcony with an outdoor area where I could actually sit outside and just let the stress and troubles of the day escape...the gentle sounds of the water rushing against the building was just so  relaxing and the feeling of peacefulness overtook me.  My room also had a that night I left the door to my balcony opened so I could hear the sounds of the Bay against the rocks and the fireplace providing a calming warmth that cuddled me to sleep. 

(source unknown)

Want to know another wonderful feature about the Inn Above the Tides?   They have an awesome Happy Hour!  I mean - you are not far from Wine Country and the Happy Hour has some wonderful local selections.

Do you love a beautiful sunset?  Well - the sunsets that you can feast your eyes upon from your room are just breathtaking!

(source unknown)

The sunrise is not too shabby either!

Take a look and see if you can picture yourself there too!

The Daytime view from the room 
 (source unknown) 

The view from the room at night - (source unknown)  *sigh*  Isn't this just beautiful?

 (source unknown) \
Morning Glory! This is the walkway that runs in front of the entrance of the Inn 

The Inn from the Bay
(source unknown)

If you are ever find yourself in Northern California - take a day or two to explore Sausalito and book a room at the Inn Above Tide - the hidden treasure of Sausalito!

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