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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday's Travels - Tuscaloosa, AL

Hello everyone.  As you know - Tuesday is always Travel Tuesday where I enjoy sharing with you some of my favorite travels.  I decided this week to share with you my favorite place in the world - Tuscaloosa, AL.  While I may now live in Texas - my heart belongs to Alabama.  I was born and raised in Huntsville but as a proud graduate of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa - Tuscaloosa will always be home to me!  I still have family there and  I so look forward to visiting Tuscaloosa as often as I can.

I thought today I would share with you some of the sites of my adopted "hometown".

First thing that any first time visitor has to see is the Bama campus.  It is old, stately and oh so beautiful!  The school was founded in 1831 and there are several original buildings on campus.

The Gorgas House on the University of Alabama campus is the oldest structure on campus being built in 1829

 Courtesy of

 Denny Chimes located on the Quad - erected in 1929
(source unknown)

(source unknown)

An aerial view of Denny Chimes and the Quad.  You can also see the library (which I may or may not have entered during my undergraduate years at Bama.

President's Mansion (courtesy of University of Alabama -  The President's Mansion in one of the few buildings that survived the burning of the campus in 1865.

There is so much southern history that is written about this glorious building.  If you are a history buff like me - you might enjoy reading up on it!

NOW...let's get serious here.  You can not talk about Tuscaloosa without talking about the incredible University of Alabama Football team - Bama holds 15...count them...15 National Championships!  Can I get a Roll Tide here?

If you are lucky enough to be in Tuscaloosa on a crisp Fall Saturday may want to head over to the Quad for some good ole fashion tailgating!
(source unknown)

There is nothing like being on the Quad a few hours before game time...enjoying the company of say a few thousand of your closest will hear the strains of the Alabama Million Dollar Band as they play the Alabama Fight Song...and of ears will feast upon a few thousand Roll Tides!  How sweet is that sound?

One of my favorite parts of game day is gathering by University Blvd. while the buses carrying the opposing teams are driving up to the stadium.  I have to wonder how intimidating it has to be as they drive by thousands and thousands of loyal Bama fans shaking their crimson and white shakers as they yell out "Roll Tide Roll"  It almost makes me feel sorry for the opposing team as they are surrounded by such Bama doesn't make me feel bad at all!

Once we have intimated the opposing is time to make our way to Bryant-Denny Stadium to greet our oh so awesome Bama players!  It gives me chills to just think about the mass humankind that come to this stadium to cheer on our Bama boys each Saturday in the Fall!

(Source Unknown)

(Source Unknown)

Until next time - just remember!

Next week's Travel Tuesday blog will continue with the best places to eat in Tuscaloosa as well as the best places to get some good ole sweet tea!  You can take the girl out of Alabama but you can not take the Bama out of the girl!

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