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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday - Places that I love

Even though today is Saturday and it should be a calm and lazy kind of day - I am thinking about this

And this:

(Photo by Alan Hoelzle)

How about enjoying this beach sunset?

There is just something so calming and energizing about walking along a sandy beach...just feeling the gentle waves rushing up to meet you...the soft sounds of the waves gently crashing against the shoreline. Close your eyes for a moment and listen - do you hear the sea gulls as they call out to one another and can you smell the fragrant scents that belong only to the ocean - that salt air that reaches out and teases your senses?  Do you feel the gentle wind as it blows off the tropical water?

But - I think that the perfect spot for a relaxing Saturday would be right here- curled up with a good book

Happy Saturday Y'all!

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