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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Life Lesson

Monday was one of those days where reflection was a very big part of the day.

It is amazing at how one small comment can impact someone so greatly.

On Monday I was in a meeting with someone who will soon be losing her job due to
"downsizing and re-organizing"...those words that no one wants to hear.  In this case instead of sadness or disbelief I heard something that I never expected to hear.  I heard someone who was thankful for working for this company for 14 years.  She was thankful for the many good things that her job had offered her and the opportunities for travel that her position afforded her.

I do not know if she realizes how much her words touched me or how inspirational her attitude is and I would like her to know this.

People who have a positive attitude are the ones that truly achieve success in their life.  Those who believe in themselves will find success in all that they do. I believe in daily affirmations and there is no doubt that those most successful people have a daily affirmation that leads them down that path of success.   I read something today that touched my heart.

Source -  LeeAnn Locken 

 This is a great affirmation for everyone.

And in closing - I would just like to say thank you to Rhonda who touched me today with her  awesome  and inspiring words.  You touched my soul today with the affirmation that life is a blessing.  I know that you will find joy, happiness, success and yes - new blessings along your path!

Rhonda - This one is for you!   You hold the key to your success and I know without a doubt - you will be successful in all that you do!

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