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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday's Inspiration - Positive Visualization

There are books written about visualizing things in your life and as you visualize things - you invite this positive energy into your life and your dreams will come to fruition. I experienced my very own positive visualization in my life.  It was truly just a small little event but it delivered a very powerful message to me.

You see - the rubber thingy (that is a technical term - you know?) on my windshield had come loose and it was fast becoming an issue for me.  My first thought was "super glue" to the rescue.  Well that failed miserably - trust me...Super Glue does not work on everything.   I realized that I would have to soon find a solution which might involve replacing the rubber thingy or perhaps even my own windshield.

THEN..."voila"  I saw a commercial on t.v. about Safelite and windshield repair.  I decided that maybe I should give them a try...and see if they couldn't resolve the issue of the loose rubber thingy on my windshield.

So - this has gone on for some time and today as I was driving to work I decided that I really...really needed to call them.  After all - they will come to you...wherever you

So I had finally convinced myself that it was time to call this service and have them take a look at that silly rubber thingy on my windshield.

Imagine my surprise when I drove into the parking garage at work...and there was a Safelite van there repairing someone's windshield.  I promptly walked myself over there and spoke to the man and told him that I was planning to call the company today!

He came over and took a look at my windshield and told me that he had some very special glue and that when he finished the car he was working on he would take care of my car!  When I asked how much he would charge me...he told me nothing!  He did it for free...BONUS!

So - now I am a huge fan of positive visualization and will practice this again and next positive visualization?  I imagine myself purchasing the winning lottery ticket!

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