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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday's Thought

Want to hear something sad?  I can not remember the last time I did something that made my soul cry out in happiness.

I have found myself so wrapped up in everyone else's life and needs that I have put mine on hold!  

I think it is time that I do something for myself!  We all deserve an opportunity to refresh our rejuvenate our spirit.

Some things that I would enjoy doing:

1)  Going out for a fun evening with some friends
2)  A nice 90 minute massage
3)  Going to a movie and eating all the popcorn myself  *laughing*  Does that sound selfish?
4)  Planning a trip to the beach...
5)  Watching a glorious sunset
6)  Sitting down at the piano and just playing for hours
7)  A trip to Wine Country
8)  A nice fire in the fireplace, a great book to read and a glass of you see a pattern here?

I am sure that I can add many other things to the list but now I am craving a glass of wine!

So...until we meet again!

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