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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday's Travels - Banff. Alberta Canada

Am I the only one that watches the Olympics each time and dream about traveling to wherever they are being held?

I remember watching the 1988 Olympics in Calgary and just fell in love with all the different venues.  I knew at that moment that someday I would travel there and see first hand the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.  

Fast forward many years and the opportunity to travel to this glorious place became a reality for me.  I found Calgary to be such a warm, welcoming and loving city.  Yes - it was large but it felt like a small town.  One other thing that I discovered on my first trip...Calgary can be VERY cold in February.  If you are planning a trip there during the winter months - be prepared and pack accordingly!

My first trip was a short one...I flew in on a Thursday and flew out on Sunday so I had much that I wanted to do in a very short period of time but I knew without a doubt that I had to travel to Banff  and Lake Louise - and if you EVER get to that part of Canada - please trust me - go to those two places...

There are so many things to love about Banff...I loved walking down the streets of the downtown area and walking into many of the various shoppes...I found a GREAT chocolate shoppe too!  I almost forgot how cold it was after devouring some of that delicious chocolate.

Oh one other not be surprise if you see a caribou walking around in the town.  That is exactly what happened to me while having breakfast one morning - I looked up and across the street there it was!

When you drive into Banff you can not miss the famous site of the Banff Springs Hotel.  This elegant and elaborate place was built in the 19th Century so it is no wonder that the moment you walk into this grand old hotel - you feel like you are taking a walk back into history!


This hotel is just breathtaking and worth the time to explore!  I am sure that you too will find it as magical as I did!

Another fun outing while in Banff was taking the gondola to the top of the mountain.  If you are afraid of heights - you might  want to bypass this ride BUT if you want to get the best view of Banff - this is for you!

I could write a book on the wonderful places to eat your meals while in Banff.   There is a place to fit every budget!  You just have to do your homework!

I hope that you too have an opportunity to visit Banff National Park and see this wonderful place!

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