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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday's Inspiration - Follow YOUR dreams!

Have you ever shared a dream with someone and they laughed or worse told you that you could never achieve that dream?

Perhaps that person who put your dreams down is someone who is really  afraid of trying to achieve their goals?  Do not allow anyone else to discourage you from going for your dreams...after all - your dreams belong to own that dream...

Take ownership of your dreams and run with them...

YOU are the only one that can make them come true...

I will share with you that once I had a dream...a dream that I had for many years.  Someone told me that I wasn't good enough to achieve my dream.  Well...maybe I was a bit stubborn or maybe just very determine.  I set my goal to achieve my goal...and achieve it I did.  What would have happened if I had listened to the person who told me that I wasn't good enough? I would have given away my power to achieve my dream if I had listened to someone else.

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