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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Travels - Ft Worth - I Love ya!

I live down the road from Ft. Worth, TX and until recently I really took this wonderful city for granted!  Ft. Worth is truly the gateway to the West.  It has maintained its identity throughout the years when other Texas cities wanted to tear down and rebuild more modern buildings.

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You will be amazed to find so much history in Fort Worth..  It is much like taking a step back into time!    While I intend to write a future blog on places to see while visiting Ft. Worth...I wanted to concentrate today's blog on some of my favorite activities and places to eat while in Fort Worth.

A must place to visit is Joe T. Garcia''s located in the infamous Stockyards.  Joe T's opened on July 4, 1935 in the home of Joe T and Jesse Garcia.  It serves some of the most delicious and authentic Mexican food you can find.  Be prepared to wait but it is so well worth the wait!

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So what if your taste buds are pointing you toward a juicy good old fashion burger?  Do I have some places for you to visit in Fort Worth.

Jakes in Downtown Fort Worth

I just recently discovered this great, laid back establishment.  The menu offers everyone something that will wet their taste buds!  I will just let the picture speak for itself:

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515 Main StFort Worth, TX · (817) 332-5253

Another one of my favorite places in Ft. Worth has to be Vending Nut Company.  While this is a wholesale company they do have a store where anyone can purchase nuts...and gosh do they have nuts.  You name it and they have it!   You can even order from their online site!

Vending Nut Company
2222 Montgomery St.
Ft. Worth, TX 76107
Local: 817-737-3071
Toll Free: 800-429-9260

  Blue Bonnet Bakery

Well now - what can I say about this awesome bakery that will do it justice to the greatness that is created in this bakery?  Blue Bonnet has been a mainstay in Fort Worth since 1934 and there is no telling how many birthday cakes, wedding cakes, petit fours and cookies this bakery has sold...but it has to be a ton!  The bakery is at the top of my Top 10 bakeries as it is that good! 

Now to go along with the awesomeness of this bakery is the unique is in an old church!

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Blue Bonnet also serves lunch but let's be honest...I much rather check out the sweet delights!

4705 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX · (817) 731-4233

And as an added treat on your travels to this bakery - do not be shocked when you drive over real honest brick roads!  See why I love Fort Worth so much?  There is history everywhere you turn!

Now - please do not let this post confuse your.  Fort Worth has many...many...upscale fine dining restaurants where one can find some incredible food along with incredible wine selections.  Today's post is just an short introduction to some of my favorite places to visit.

The next Fort Worth post will center on activities in Fort Worth...and let me tell need lots of time to see what all Fort Worth has to offer!

Until then...Fort Worth - hope to see you soon!


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