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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Well - today was "pay the bill" day...not so painful these days thanks to Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey!

How I would LOVE to dial into the Dave Ramsey and scream "I am debt free"!  Baby steps - it is all about baby steps!

My debt is not out of control BUT I do have some personal debt.  I would love to live off one pay check a month  and I could if I paid off one little monthly bill!  Well maybe not that little much of a little is a $325 per month car payment.  BUT the good news here I have less than 1 year left on this car loan.  Actually less than 4K and that car will be paid off.

Now - while talking about monthly bills - let's talk credit cards.  Here again - I am not in bad shape - just 3 cards with less than $1800 due.  That could easily be done by paying off the car too.  As Dave Ramsey says - let's pay off the smallest credit card first...and then the next one and then the next.  See how it goes?

THEN...I should be able to live off one check a month and bank the other check.  That wouldn't allow me to yell out "I am debt free" but it would get me so much closer!

I like this plan!  Okay - going to pay off the credit cards while making two car payments each month.  I could have all these bills paid off soon!

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