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Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Chris

~whew~  I am a day behind in posting this so I am really beating myself up right about now!

It was 22 years ago -  January 20th that I had th privilege of holding Christopher Ross in my arms for the first time.  While I knew him for the last 9 months I could not wait to meet him in person and he did not disappoint.  True to form - much like his older brother Jimmy - Chris wanted to come into the world on his terms and schedule and not the doctor's date!  Now that I think back - it has always been about his schedule and to heck with mom's schedule!  *laughing*  Some things just never change...

BUT - I digress.  I remember that Friday the 20th just like it was yesterday.  I woke up that morning with those little telltale signs - the first onset of contractions.  I remember resting on the couch in the family room (January in Naperville, IL) and watching the inauguration of the first George Bush.  I knew deep down inside that this would be the day that Chris would be born.  I had always heard that the 2nd child would be a much faster delivery than the first so I was quite anxious to get this show on the road.    1 p.m. rolled around...okay...contractions too far apart to be concerned...2 p.m. - hmmm...about 15 minutes apart...okay you not want to meet your mom and dad?  About this time I started craving Mexican food (a craving that would follow you through your life Chris). 

FINALLY around 5 p.m. - we decided to get serious and it was off to the hospital we went (of course during rush hour).  This delivery was a bit different than Jimmy's.  This time all the nurses were very laid back (who would have figured this in Chicago?) and that helped me relax too.

All in all - after about being at the hospital for about 4.5 hours you decided to bless us with your presence.

From that moment on - you have brought so much love and joy into our lives.  Your presence brought our small family of 3 to a family of  4.    Jimmy became a big brother that day - and I became a mother to two wonderful boys!

Happy Birthday Chris - I am so very proud of you and who you have become.

Good luck this semester at!

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