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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Journey in Life - Sedona

Each journey that we take in life helps to mold us into the person that we are today.

Some of our journeys have more of a profound outcome than others.

I had one such journey several years ago.

I had a friend who lived in Sedona, Arizona and each time that she spoke of her hometown it left me with a thirst to learn more about this incredible place.

It is known as a spiritual destination that is the home to many artists and  many seekers of truth.

It is rumored that the red rocks of the mountains hold tremendous healing powers so much so that people travel from around the world to find peace and comfort in this beautiful place. 

My friend recommended a retreat for my stay and let me tell you – she nailed it…it was exactly what I was looking for.  It was a recently opened retreat in Oak Creek.  When I say creek – I mean creek!  I had to drive across a dry river bed to get to my destination.  As I was driving in this remote area I just knew that I had taken a wrong turn and was lost for sure.  When I reached  the end of the dirt road – I found the retreat – a house all alone – surrounded by the majestic mountains.  I found myself all alone there when I arrived because all the other guests were out and about exploring.  I went to my room and promptly plopped down on my bed.  The room was so serene and quiet that I fell asleep for 2 HOURS!  I could not believe that I slept and slept hard in the middle of the afternoon.  This is a true testament to how at peace I felt.

Once awake and fully rested I decided to wonder out and explore the town.  I found local bookstores and quaint shoppes where I feasted my eyes upon the various local art and the sounds?  Oh my – the Native Indian flutes were playing in the distance – a calming invitation to enjoy all that Sedona had to offer.

That evening the retreat was conducting a Native American tradition – a sweat lodge.   I once read a story by the author of “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul” and her experiences while attending a sweat lodge fascinated me.  Maybe it is the lure of the Cherokee Indian blood that courses through my body but something about this ancient tradition spoke to me.  I would like to say that I completed the entire event but alas – I could not.  The distant sound of a lone coyote provided a lullaby that night.

If you aver have a chance to travel to Sedona – I encourage you to do so.  You will not regret it.  Stay away from the commercialization of the hotels and find yourself a small bed and breakfast or like me a retreat.
Hike the red rocks of Sedona and do not miss the evening sky.  The stars are so much brighter and shooting stars abound.

God left his blessing upon this spiritual ground.

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