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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goals and Bucket Lists

I have always been a believer in goals.  Not only do I believe in setting goals - I also believe in writing them down.

First of all - a goal is nothing more than a roadmap - a roadmap of your life.  Now before you "pooh" at my simplistic explanation - let me ask you something.  If you were plannig a roadtrip - would you leave your house without directions?  Would you engage upon a 10 hour journey without knowing the exact route to get to your destination?  Well - in my mind a goal is simply a roadmap to a destination in my life.

Now to address the writing down of my goals.  Once I commit to paper (or a blog) I am committed to achieving my goal.  Afterall - not only am I accountable to work toward that goal but YOU are going to keep me honest too...correct faithful readers?

So - what is the difference between a goal and a bucket list?   Well - not much in my mind.  I consider a goal something that I want to achieve in my life and a bucket list is something that I want to do in my life.

Right now my bucket list is short and sweet...maybe even a tad bit difficult:

1)  Travel to see the Northern Lights
2)  Travel to Scotland and Ireland
3)  Learn how to use my new Canon Rebel SLR Camera that I just bought.  I want to be able to capture all the inspirational sites along my journey.
4)  Write - truly write an inspirational and effective blog.  One that people can not wait to read each and every day (which or course means that I HAVE to write everyday too).  I want to be a great blogger but I have to first find my niche in the blogging world.  Should I write an inspirational blog?  Should I write about my day to day life?  Nah - not that interesting - really - believe me!  AHHH - decisions...decisions...decisions...

Well - all I can say is that I will figure this one out - do not fear dear readers. 

BY THE WAY - this frustrated writer is open to all thoughts/opinions and even constructive criticism.

In ending - I bet you want to know how many items I can check off my bucket list so far this year...well only two.  With that in mind - these were two really BIG ones!

I finally made it to Whistler in British Columbia and also to Europe.  Check and check....

How about you?  What is on your bucket list?  How many can you check off this year?

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