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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My love for Green Olives

I have loved green olives as long as I can remember.

(source unknown)

When I was in college I was introduced to cheese olives ( a green olive rolled in a spicy cheese dough and baked) and green olive pizza.  OOOOH…what can I say – I was in love!

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Now – that I have more sophisticated taste buds (cough…cough) I have learned to enjoy green olives in many different ways.

I do not like the taste of a martini but if someone had one I would not hesitate to ask them if they wanted their olives.  Of course – I have never ever done this before…*nope…not me*  I am much too sophisticated to beg for someone’s leftover olives.  AND…if someone tries to convince you otherwise…just look at this innocent face and I ask you…who do you believe? 

(source unknown)
Let’s take for example – green olive bread.  A few years ago I was in Boca Raton, FL on a business trip and while at dinner we were served green olive bread.  What can I say but “WOWSA*  Not only did I have the beach right outside but I had green olive bread.  I could not even tell you what I had for dinner that night but I can still remember the green olive bread.  As a result I have been searching for an easy recipe for green olive bread and “voila”  I think that I have found it!  Look at the picture – doesn’t it just make your mouth water? .

(source unknown)

If you decide you would rather not go to all the effort to make your own green olive bread you can always visit Hilton - Fort Walton Beach and Resort in Fort Walton, FL and have them serve you their yummy green olive bread.

Last year while in San Diego, CA for yet another business trip…I had the pleasure of having dinner at a quaint little restaurant close to the hotel.    My traveling business partner (giving a shout-out to Rosemary – my traveling business cohort!) suggested this restaurant.  Well – as soon as I saw that they had fried green olives as an appetizer – I knew what I was going to order.  Folks – I am from the South…everything in the South if fried!  When the glorious fried green olives arrived at the table I wanted them ALL to myself but being a southerner – and my southern upbringing kicked in.  I knew I had to share!  I have located a recipe that I must try.  Take a look at this picture.  Doesn’t that just make your mouth water?  I am going to make them this weekend and will let you know how great they taste!

(source unknown)

Okay – I am getting hungry now…off to the kitchen for some…OLIVES!

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