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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Introducing Dallas aka "Hyper-Pooch"

In February, 2010 Dallas "aka Hyper-Pooch also known as "Diva" came into our lives.  First let me state that my son Chris adopted her at a local pet shoppe in Alabama.  He was the one that she spoke to among all those other puppies up for adoption that day.  Now I know why - she is just like him!

Little did we know that a puppy would tug at our hearts so much.   Shortly after she came to be a part of the family she was diagnosed as having parvo.  As you probably know - parvo is a dog's worse enemy. We did not know if she was going to survive this or not but Dallas was indeed a fighter and she fought back like a trooper.  After that experience Chris quickly realized that he could not devote the time that she needed/required while going to college fulltime and playing collegiate basketball.

Here comes "MOM" to the rescue.  It was a huge sacrifice on my part *insert snicker here" to drive to Alabama and bring her back to Texas.

Dallas has proven to rule the house here now.  Everything must revolve around her...her daily walks, her daily feedings and even her toys!  Have I mentioned that she is one hyper dog?  Guess that is the Jack Russell Terrier in her!

She has brought much laughter, entertainment and companionship into this home.

All I can say is...Dallas you may be a diva...but you are one loved diva!

Isn't she just adorable?

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