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Sunday, November 3, 2013

I LOVE my Kindle

Do you love to read?  I mean really love to read?
Are hard bound books and paperback books taking over your home?
Could you open your own book store and make enough money to survive for a year on selling books?
I too was at one time a Barnes and Noble regular.  I admit it.  I could read for hours on end and then some but then books invaded every single free space I have!  Then I discovered Half Price Books where I could take my books to sell.  The only problem with this is that I would take the money that I made from selling my books plus some more $$$ and buy more books!  C.R.A.Z.Y.
Enter the infamous E Reader.  BE STILL MY SOUTHERN HEART!  My e-reader of choice is a very basic Kindle...small enough to place in my purse so it could go anywhere with me!
Now enter  I found that I could order a Kindle book and have it delivered to my Kindle in no time flat!  Talk about instant gratification.  BONUS!  But as you can imagine - this too could get expensive.
Then one day - a friend mentioned to me that she found an online site that offered free Kindle books.  That was the day that is marked on my calendar forever.
I first discovered a couple of sites which would send me free book choices each day - Book Bub.  I was hooked.  THEN imagine my surprise when I found yet two more free Kindle sites:  Freebooksy and Best Ebook Reader. 
Now - these sites also offer books for a price but there are so many books that are listed that are free that you never have to purchase an Ebook again!  They offer all genre's including sci-fi, mystery, sports, cookbooks and of course romance. 
While I still find myself purchasing a book every now and then,  this Southern girl has discovered how to fulfill her need to read without breaking the bank!

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