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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday's Travels

Several months ago I had an opportunity to travel to Glacier National Park.  You can read about it here...
The wonderful grand mountains were formed over a million years ago and the park has over 130 named lakes.  Some of these lakes can be seen by road but many others will require a nice little hike.  Needless to say I only observed the lakes from the car (at least this trip!)

To say that this national park is breathtaking and spectacular is putting it mildly. My simple words can not truly do justice to the beauty of this special place so I decided that it would be best to show you some pictures of several lakes within this national park.

While planning this trip I decided to fly into Spokane and then drive to Montano.  Now I will admit that this decision was made for two reasons....cost (it was less expensive to fly into Spokane than into Kallispell) and the other reason that by driving I could mark off three more states that I have visited.  As you may recall I have a goal on my bucket list to visit all 50 States.  This trip marked off Washington, Idaho and Montano. 

Before we even arrived at Glacier we found ourselves driving by a lake that seemed to go on forever.  Lake Flathead is the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi.  Let me tell you....this lake is HUGE!!!  It seemed to go on for miles and miles and miles.    See what I mean?  If I had not driven I would have missed this glorious piece of Americana scenery!
Our next stop was actually inside the park - Lake McDonald.  Seeing this lake is a reminder of beautiful this country truly is.

Don't you just love the reflection of the mountains in the lake?  A picture is worth a 1000 words and this picture says it all!
While I can not post pictures of each and every lake we saw (there were SO many of them!) there was one other lake that took my breath away...
Many Glacier - oh my still my heart...there is this grand lodge right on the lake that just begs you to enter through the grandiose doors.  There are rocking chairs on the back porch where you can sit and feast your eyes on the lake.  Talk about stress and worries of the word flying away - this would do it!  My next trip there I must stay at this lodge!
See how small the lodge looks next to the lake and surrounded by the mountains?
I hope through this post you too can enjoy the beauty of this incredible place.  May you also have the chance to travel this special place and make your own memories!

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