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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday's thoughts - What's on your bucket list?

I admire the truly great photographers who can capture and tell a story with a photgraph.

I am NOT one of those kind of people!

One of my goals on my bucket list is to take a class in photgraphy.  You see - I have this really nice Canon camera that is pretty much going untouch because I am afraid of breaking it.  How silly is that?

SO...when I need to take a pic of something I normally just use my cellphone camera.  Now let me tell you - some of those cellphone cameras make awesome pictures especially the new Nokia cellphones!

The other morning as I was walking the Diva Dog - I looked up to the sky and saw the moon winking at me.  I so wanted to capture that moment in time and all I had was my cellphone.  I snapped a picture hoping against hope that I would be able to snap that perfect picture of the moon.  What I got was not what I expected but it is still a picture that spoke to me....

Join me in the grand review of my picture of the moon!

Can you see that little white spot a little above the middle of the picture?  Well folks - that is the moon that I so much wanted to capture in the picture.  TOTAL failure where that is concern BUT it was not a total loss!  I happen to love the lovely fall leaves that I did manage to get in this picture.
So I shot (pardon the pun here) for the moon but landed on the stars.  Isn't that so much like life?
Yes - no doubt - I could use a photography class!

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