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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Shine your lights!

Have you ever met someone who tried to find fault in everything that you were doing even the smallest little thing?  

When I was in elementary school I had a piano teacher that was fcritical of everything that I played.  She almost broke my spirit and I finally talked my mom into letting me quit taking lessons from her. Thankfully my love of playing the piano was so strong that I was motivated to find  another piano teacher.  When in high school I found the most incredible teacher - Mr. Cooper - that allowed me to find my light again so much so that I now have a degree in music.  He believed in me and encouraged me.  I learned more from him during my short time with him that I ever learned from the 6 years with my first teacher.  Mr. Cooper helped me recover my love for music and my light was shining bright!

Here is hoping that you do not allow another to dim your lights and you find someone that helps your lights shine even brighter.  I wish that you too may find your Mr. Cooper and your light once again shines brightly!

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