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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Where to find Peaceful Inspiration

As I get older I find that I seek those special places that make my heart overflow with peace and gratitude.

I see it in many things...a glorious mountain...a babbling stream....I hear it in the early morning hours as the birds serenade one another...and in the early evening hours..when the sun has partially set and the crickets begin their evening lullabies.

I so enjoy traveling to new places and exploring the wonders of each new city...I love uncovering those special places that bring a smile to my lips and peace to my heart.

But know what?  You can find your peaceful retreat anywhere.  Just look around you and you will see what I mean.  Don't get so busy that you forget to close your eyes...breath deeply and just be at peace with yourself.

I just want to share some places that inspire me to slow down and enjoy that peaceful calm that I often cheat myself of!

Enjoy and here's the wishing you the inspiration to find your own peaceful place!

(Source - Kristina Falcone)

Mt. Rainier (Source Unknown))

(source unknown)

(source unknown) How wonderful is it to take a walk along the beach at sunset...with your toes digging into the warm sand!

(source unknown)

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