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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Travel Tuesday - Fall in the South ( September 1st, 2015)

While I normally write about a special place that I have  traveled for Travel Tuesday - today I decided to write about a special place even it if is only now in my memory!

There is something just so special about September 1st.  As soon as I turn the page in my calendar my mind wonders to one of my favorite times of the year.

As a child it was so magical to watch the leaves on the huge maple tree in my front yard change from green to yellow and then to such a vibrant red.

I remember my dad raking all the fallen leaves in neat little piles...which I promptly jumped in.  He never complained about having to rake the leaves up again...maybe he just enjoyed seeing the smiles that came from such an innocent time in life.  Maybe the laughter was music to his ears...whatever the reason..he raked and I continued to jump!

September 1st also promises cooler brings promise of the first frost...and who can not wait to that first morning when you walk outside and can see your breath?  I feel so much more energized in the fall...for there lies the promise of what is to come.  The changing of the seasons..the hope for a new beginning...the promises of wrapping up in a warm comforting blanket in front of a blazing fire enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream!

Homemade oh my!  Are you ready for the Fall?  I am so ready!

While I now live in an area that experiences a different type of Fall than I grew up thoughts are never to far away from my memories of the fall of my childhood!

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