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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts- Facing Unemployment

Hello y'all!

When I first started this blog in 2010 (has it really been that long?) goal was to share my daily thoughts and family events.

Then in 2011 the company that I had been working for since 2004 had a reorganization (such a politically correct word for downsizing...isn't it?) and many of my friends and co-workers were among the ones being impacted by this re-org.  At that time I did not know my fate and if I would be one of the ones that would soon be unemployed.  I decided at that time to redirect the blog toward a more inspirational/motivational format.  Not only did this provide an uplifting vehicle for my co-workers who were like family members it also kept me positive especially since I was not aware of my fate at that time.

Fast forward to  September, 2015 - and I have managed to make it through many more "right sizing" efforts of my company but alas my time as come and now I face the reality of after working non-stop in corporate America for over 25 years and with this company for over 11 years....I will soon be facing unemployment.

I just found out today and to be honest I think that I am still processing the news- maybe I am still in shock?  I am actually surprising myself as I am not freaking out...I am not going crazy with worry...I think that I have been preparing myself for this for several years now.  I believe that my blog has also helped me tremendously as I do not see this as a bad thing...I am looking at this as an opportunity for a new beginning.

I think that I am 75% optimistic and 25% frightened!  I have kept my resume updated *very important to do no matter what your job situation is*, kept my LinkedIn profile updated, joined several job recruiting sites including Indeed, Career Builder and Monster.  I feel like while I do not have any power over my current job situation I can at least prepare myself for what the future may hold!

 I will not allow fear to define or paralyze me!

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