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Friday, September 18, 2015

What is your dream job?

Today a light bulb went off...

As I reflect on my upcoming loss of job due to "right sizing" I wonder if this is not truly an opportunity to find a job that would be completely different from what I do today.  You see - I am in the IT world and it is very busy, constantly changing world.  

How wonderful would it be to find a job doing something that I really enjoy reading!  I love to read...and always have my Kindle by my side.

How fun would it be to just have to read and review books every single day?  Just think of all the fun places you can work:

 (source unknown)

(source unknown)

Or how about here?

 (source unknown)

(source unknown)

For someone who loves to read - wouldn't this be a great job?  Now...wonder how one goes about finding a job like this?

In closing today - always follow your heart and may you love what you do each and every day!

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